BÖHLER Edelstahl is one of the world's leading providers of tool steels, high-speed steels, and specialty materials. We have always pushed developments forward and set benchmarks in metallurgy. The best evidence of this is our range of over 200 types of steels.

BÖHLER steels are used in the most diverse applications. As dimensionally stable tools for producing goods, as cold-work steels for punching, bending, and cutting, as hot-work steels for pressure die casting, or as highly stressed specialty steels in aircraft, in turbines for energy production, in medical technology, or in offshore oil production.

New technologies, time after time, to achieve maximum performance. To ensure decisive competitive advantage through innovation. This is how we support our customers. And to add to all this, a solid international sales and service network that ensures that our smart materials and services are available around the world.

To better serve our China customers, BÖHLER established a modern plant with multi-functional production equipment and advanced production processes in Shanghai. As a "one-stop shop", we have substantially expanded our production capacity, increased raw material inventory and supply, improved vacuum heat treatment facilities and machining efficiency to meet customers' needs. The completion of a new plant in Shanghai speeds up BÖHLER's strategical market coverage in China. With BÖHLER Shenzhen factory and the newly completed BÖHLER Chengdu plant, forming a three-pillar resource for China's customers, providing them with world-class quality tool steel, value-added services and technical advices.